Results from the Championships

EV VDC Day 1 Dressage Results

EV VDC Day 1 Champ Dressage Results

EV VDC Day 2 Dressage Results (1)

EV VDC Day 2 Champ Dressage Results

VDC YDH Results 2015



Judges List for VDC Championships


Elementary 3.2                      Peter Shaw and Veronica Steward       

Advanced 5.3                         Peter Shaw, Roger Fitzhardinge, Jennifer Holmes

Advanced 5.2                        Wendye Myers and Jill Suban

Inter 11                                  Roger Fitzhardinge and Jane Ventura

Young H/P                              Wendye Myers and Luciano D’Elia 

Elementary 3.2                      Claire McMorron and Jennifer Holmes

Preliminary 1.1                      Veronica Steward and Claire McMorron

Novice 2.1                             Sue Thompson and Lihla Wyles

Novice 2.2                             Pam Edwards and Adam Riess


PStG                                     Roger Fitzhardinge and Adam Riess

Medium 4.3                          Jane Ventura and Adam Riess

Novice 2.3                            Felicity Yuncken and Sue Smith

Medium 4.2                          Peter Shaw and Natalie Frew

Inter A                                  Roger Fitzhardinge and Susie Hoevanaars

Inter 1                                  Roger Fitzhardinge, Peter Shaw, Susie Hoevenaars

GP                                       Roger Fitzhardinge, Peter Shaw, Susie Hoevenaars

Novice 2.2                           Wendye Myers and Maria Milliken

Preliminary 1.2                    Pam Edwards and Larissa Symec

Preliminary 1.3                    Natalie Frew and Lihla Wyles